Tips for choose the right domain name.

1.Choosing small and easy-to-remember domain name. Visitor has the advantage of remembering when you put a domain name.

2.When a customers generally see branding websites like webmusic.in, they can easily understand that this website is basically a music based website.

3.If you have the chance to use .com domain extensions. Because, about 50 percent of the internet sites are there. Website or Bolg has been created .COM domain. That means people generally think that any website ends with a .com domain extension.
4. Do not use unnecessary words, characters or symbols (hypen-) in the domain. Because, when typing domain name, the visitor has a chance to make mistakes.

5. Do not select domain name with keyword. By doing this, content of your site is low quality, then giving your website a chance to Google Panalties.

6. Preferred domain name registration. Because, everybody likes to have a brandable domain name selection. Therefore, you should register your preferred domain name as soon as possible without having to do this.

Hopefully, if you put these tips on the head, you can easily select a domain name. Which will further enrich your online location. Good luck for you.

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