Civil engineers in private companies

am writing for the post, the student who wants to be a civil engineer.
The words that I am writing about, it’s my friends and my experience.
I think those who are dreaming to be civil engineer need to know this.
I am writing benefits and some difficultie


After a little effort, all the students can get jobs before,
I.Government jobs

II.Limited construction company

III.private limited company


V.Government contractors

VI.Labour contractors

VII.Self employed

VIII.If you know the good autocad (2d and 3d) drawing then online drawing can be sold.


A.The house may have to leave somewhere away from the house, it can be a better city, a village, and a forest.

B.At first the salary is very low.

C.There is no right time of duty

D.Nobody can fool you.

E.To know the lies lie well

F.Must have courage, because sometimes there can be trouble or accidents.

Before becoming a civil engineer, think carefully, because many students leave the job again,
Thank you for coming to this page.

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