How to earn money online in India

In this post I write about many different online earning way and a common question that “how to earn money online in India”.I hope this post will be very helpful to them,those who are trying to earn online.I am writing about the most genuine way in this post.

I’ve divided the online work into two parts.

1.work for career.
2.work for pocket money.

    Work for pocket money

I.online review
Very good and easy way to earn some extra cash from your Android phones or desktop.i recommend you mouthshut.com.they give you Rs.20 rupees per review and you take directly payment in your bank account.

II.Paid survey
You can do some paid surveys from your Android phone or desktop.they will give you some point for paid surveys.you can redeem it PayPal cash or paytm cash,Amazon voucher etc.the best and reliable website is
Google opinion reward
III.Link shortner
Link shortner work is very easy,just copy any link and short it and share via WhatsApp group and Facebook group.they will give you 5$ per 1000 visitor.there payment method is PayPal and bank transfer.websit name is rojkamao.com

Its very new concept,you can sell anything from their apps to your friends and family. Suppose a t-shirt price rs.300 in this app and you can sell it rs.400 .the will give you 100 rupees.this app name is meesho.

V.Captcha entry.
You can do captcha entry work,they will give you 1$ per 1000 captcha.you can work both Android and pc.this website name is 2captha.

    Work for career

1.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very genuine way.you can build your career on it.
Amazon affiliate is most popular website for affiliate marketing.

Freelancing is very popular way for your online career,if you have any skill like programming,
web design,
web development,
Graphics design, etc then you try freelancing marketplace.most popular freelancing site is

Now a days blogging is very popular for your online career,if you interest in writing then you try it.most popular blog creator website is blogspot.com and WordPress.com.

Now a days every body use YouTube.if you earn money from YouTube,create YouTube channel and upload video,people see your video and you can earn from ads on your video.
Admob is the Google product who give revenue in you Android apps,create apps and publish on play store,when people download your apps from play store,admob show some ads in your apps and give you revenue.

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