Silicon Valley! This is a strange technology valley where the people who wear technology, eat technology. Technology whose meditation-knowledge.

how are you all. Hope to have a good idea about something new. Writing about Silicon Valley for a long time, you have gathered information and appeared in front of you with this incredible technology valley. Not sure if you do not see it, what is this technology valley? So why is it late?

What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is located in California, San Francisco and Sanhos in the middle of the two cities, spread over 300 square miles area. Since the beginning of the popularity of the Silicon Valley since 1995. Silicon Valley Internet and High Technology Business Facilitator .Google.

Silicon Valley (United States) (according to Wikipedia) is a place spread over 300 square miles area, located in northern California. The Silicon Valley in between the cities of San Francisco and Sanhos. After 1995, Silicon Valley became the Internet Economy and High-Tech Integrated Commercial Center. Here is the birthplace of Yahoo!, Google, eBay and Big Internet dot com companies. Almost 4,000 high-tech companies, which flourished here in 2000, have traded around $ 200 billion, and the vast majority of it is through investments in information technology.

The Silicon Valley is famous for what?

1.Headquartered in the Silicon Valley of Technology Leading Companies There is no Leading Institution of Technology that is not centered on Silicon Valley. Starting in Google, Amazon, eBay, and other houses in the Silicon Valley. Just sit in the house, eat them, and drink it in the Silicon Valley.

2.The famous all-start-up was born in the Silicon Valley. This is the start-up of a world-renowned organization like Adobe, Oracle, from this Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, if the tech started up-to-date, if there were no part of it then it would have been back in technology for hundreds of years.

3.Silicon Valley plays the most role in socio-economic development. Silicon Valley has created a world wonder for the world.

4.Two-thirds of the world’s famous venues come from Silicon Valley. Researchers believe that the Silicon Valley companies were not far behind but the world organizers were far behind.

5.The Silicon Valley is home to the world’s famous data centers.

Silicon Valley’s main institutions
No Leading Institution in the world of technology will be able to find the Silicon Valley. Silicon technology is not just in the position of Leading, here birth is born every day.


Google Inc is a multinational Internet and software company in the United States and specifically for the Google search engine. Google is the most popular of Silicon Valley-based companies. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founder of two PhD students at Stanford University. Google was founded in 1998. One of the biggest companies in the Silicon Valley is Google.


Yahoo! is a large internet based business organization. Yahoo has websites, search engines, Yahoo! dictionaries, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo! Answers, Advertising, Online Maps, Yahoo Video, Social Media Services etc. According to news agencies, Yahoo’s regular user is about 700 million. Yahoo claims “About 5 million people use Yahoo in 30 languages every month.


Microsoft Corporation is a United States-based computer technology corporation. Among the most popular software, Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office On April 4, 1975, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates, the richest person in the current world

Amazon (Amazon.com)

US-based Amazon.com is the world’s largest multinational e-commerce company. This was established in 1994. Amazon.com is one of the main tools to make the world one of the shopping. This Amazon is one of the main tools to make e-commerce sites known worldwide.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems is a US computer software company. The headquarters are located in downtown San Jose, California. Adobe Systems is renowned for creating world-class multimedia software. Currently developing multimedia and development of Adobe Internet applications as well. The largest software company based in Silicon Valley.


Ebay American multinational e-commerce company. Founded in 1995, it is still very popular worldwide


Facebook is a website of the World-Social Network, which was established on February 4, 2004. Mark Zuckerberg made a Facebook effort with some friends studying at Harvard University. Facebook is one of the main tools to unify the world communication system.


United States-based technology companies located in Santa Clara, California, NVIDIA Corporation They mainly make graphics processing unit (GPU) and mobile chips. Established since 1993.


Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation in the United States. Its headquarters in Redwood City, California. The company is capable of producing computer hardware system products. It was established in 1977. Oracle is the most popular among Silicon Valley-based start-ups

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices is a company to create computer processors and other technologies related to it. In 1969, the company started its journey.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc is a renowned United States-based personal computer, computer parts and software manufacturing firm. At the beginning, the company’s name was Apple Computer Inc. The company gets a lot of popularity by creating various types of electronic products, computer software and partial computer. Apple has made its own operating system through OS X, making iPods, iPhones and iPads. The company also produces music listening software iTunes and multimedia and creative software aisles. It also creates Internet Browser Safari and mobile phone operating system IOS. Apple has tremendous footprint in terms of technology.

Hewlett Packard (hp) company

Hewlett-Packard Company or HP is an American business organization. It is basically a computer, a computer manufacturer. Its headquarters are in Palo Alto, California state. The company’s journey started in a car garage. Currently Hewlett Packard is the world’s top computer maker. Since 1939, HP started its journey.

Intel Corporation (Intel)

Intel Corporation is an American chip manufacturer company. Intel was founded in 1968. In addition to creating Intel Computer Processors, Motherboard Chipsets, Network Interface Controllers, Integrated Circuits, Flash Memory, Graphics Cards, Connected Processors and many more are essential for computer and communication.


PayPal is an e-commerce organization This method of online transfer is used as a substitute for traditional money transactions such as check or money order. Since 1998, PayPal has started its journey. This PayPal is the most popular and trusted online money transaction system so far


Dell Inc is a multinational IT companies based in the United States. Dell was established on November 4, 1984. Its parent Michael Dell. He is the chairman and chief executive of Dell Dell Inc. She started her business with a capital of $ 1 billion in her childhood. There are Dell’s factories in some countries of the world, including China and Malaysia.


Sony Corporation Japanese Electronics Manufacturer On May 7, 1946 Sony traveled. Currently Sony has great popularity in building all types of electronics.


Twitter is a website of social networking and microblogging, where users can exchange and publish maximum 140 characters. Twitter’s journey began in March 2006. But in July 2006, Jack Dorsy formally inaugurated it. Twitter has gained huge popularity all over the world.


YouTube is a video exchange website.
Is a very popular video sharing site that gives its members the ability to upload, view and share videos. This site has more features including video reviews, opinion polls and more.

What is the secret of the success of Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley works 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, people who live with technology, technology, who have meditation knowledge, new inventions whose driving strength Every day the new creation brings forward the world, the world has taken its hand.
This Silicon Valley is the home of scientists, engineers and business executives. So the results are stunning

Did you know that Bangalore is called Silicon Valley of India?

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