sources of success of Bill Gates

In the Forbes magazine’s list of 17 richest people in the world in the list of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates He has been the richest person in the world for 13 years. He has established a tech company Microsoft. He is also a pioneer of personal computer revolution. Bill Gates is the second largest person in the United States, who donates 28 billion dollars to various charities.

Today’s arrangement – 10 sources of Bill Gates’s success. Let’s take a look, 10 success stories of his success.

1. Must have strong minds:

Although Microsoft is a billion-billion dollar organization, the initial story is not the same.

At the time of the start of Microsoft, the friends who were appointed, had to stay upset about where their monthly salary would come from. But he was very excited about the future of Microsoft. Even the big risk he took was not on his head. But he started working with full confidence in his own expertise. He thinks that a businessman has to be very strong minded. To work hard, he must be ready so that he will have to come out of his mental restraint too. According to Bill Gates, Microsoft had to wait for 3 to 4 years to reach normal income

2.To accept the bad situation Although one of the best institutions of the world was admitted to Harvard University, Bill Gates did not want to pursue studies. He used to spend most of the time on computer. That’s what it’s going to happen. He dropped out of the university. Talk to his parents.

He said he wants to do something himself. The upper-middle-class family also accepted his membership. Bill Gates received honorary degree in 2007 after 33 years of leaving Harvard University On that day Bill Gates said in the speech:

“I’m the best among those who have failed. Eventually a college degree was added to my CV. “

In other words, Bill Gates believes that being a major shock or a bad situation in life is also one of the key to success.

3. Work hard:

Bill Gates has worked hard. At that time he used to take rest for only two weeks a year. And he used to spend two weeks thinking about reading books and the future of business. So, there is no substitute for hard work to achieve success. You have to work hard. There is hard work behind all the successes of the world. Bill Gates is no exception.

4.Build the future:

Keep in mind the future needs. Update the organization regularly. Bring the new idea to the front. With the Microsoft operating system, Bill Gates met the technological needs of the then big companies. The powerful office applications software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, was unmatched in the market.

5. Enjoy your work:

You have to enjoy the work you are doing. According to Bill Gates, working with smart people, thinking about success, working on new problems is a very enjoyable one. And if you can not enjoy your work, you can not love working. And if you can not love working, it is almost impossible to succeed. So love to work, try something new.

6. Play card:

Bill Gates favorite game card. According to him, there are several good aspects of playing the bridge. This game helps you to think. The person who is good on the bridge is better than many others.

7. Ask others for advice

In relation to any business decision-making, Bill Gates said in an interview regarding seeking advice from others,

“I talked to my dad. I talked with warren Buffett. My wife talked with Melinder. There are many people around me who know me. I have been very excited about some time. I also forgot to think about a lot of things. Then my friends and advisers helped me decide. ”
Maybe you have some ideas that no one else has. Again, you may not have the idea that another person has. So get acquainted with the nearby people and ask for advice, knowing the intelligent personality.

8. Deploy good people

Connect with your business to those people whom you can trust completely. Bill Gates has the most work to do with Paul Allen for joining Bill Gates’s partnership, or appointing friends. He thinks that in the recruitment, appoint a person with whom you have a common vision, although your skill field may differ. Bill Gates believes that finding the right partner in a business is an important issue. Employees are the biggest assets after the customers in an organization. Because of their hard work, the company will gradually start to grow steadily. Therefore, appointing honest and hard working people must also be appointed during the appointment.

9. Do not procrastinate:

Bill Gates said,

“When I was in college, I waited till the last moment to prepare for examinations or classes. But when I was in business, I completely changed. “

So no work can be done today or tomorrow, neither tomorrow nor tomorrow. When you feel that you need to do it, do it right away.
10. Keep your sense of humor:
If you do not find the joys of your life, then your life will become depressed. And if you find the sense of humor, then everything seems to be possible to you. So keep your humor alive. So say, stay laugh, keep laughing, keep building your future. I promise, the employer will get all the time as a friend as friend.

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