Walking benefits

The easiest exercise to walk. anyone can practice regular walks. Can you ask why walking is so important for exercise? On the walk you will find natural wellness and vivid feeling. There are also hundreds of benefits.

1. Healthy heart, beautiful life

Those who do regular walks, their risk of heart disease and stroke greatly decreases. Also, during walking, the harmful cholesterol LDR decreases and increased levels of good cholesterol HDR. Besides, the body fluid control is normal.

A study by the United States Stroke Association found that those who walk at least 30 minutes a day, the risk of high blood pressure decreases much. Those who have high blood pressure, their hypertension is controlled. Apart from regular walking habits, it reduces the incidence of up to 27 percent of the upper respiratory problems. As a result, the risk of heart disease and stroke decreases.

Meanwhile, the American Heart Association said that the risk of coronary heart disease is greatly reduced if regular walking habits. Hart Association experts have advised regular walks to keep blood sugar levels low and reduce the risk of obesity.

2. Increased health

Those who have diabetes have regular walks with doctor’s advice. Of course, they get the benefit. Interestingly, the risk of Type 2 diabetes was reduced. According to a report in the British Medical Journal, 60 percent of routine walking reduces the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer. It’s also good for health.

3. Extreme exercise of weight control

There are various types of exercise to control weight. If you want to lose weight, then you will have to burn 600 calories a day. Which is more than the one calf from one day meal. Who weighs 60 kg, if he practices 30 minutes walking a day by 2 miles per hour, but can lose 75 calories. If you are used to walking at 3 miles per hour, you can burn 99 calories. Walking 4 miles per hour can lead to more calories. The caloric intake will stand at 150. The muscles of the body become more resilient on the walk.

4. Memory increases

Normally, people’s memory loss decreases with age. One out of every 14 people aged 65 or over has a smile. And 1 out of 6 people aged 80 or over are diagnosed with memory loss. Regular exercise exercises increase blood circulation in the brain. It reduces the risk of dementia by 40 percent. A study in the United Kingdom found that among those older people who walk at least 6 miles a week, their memory remains intact.

5. Joint pain will decrease

Regular walking reduces the risk of pain in the body of several joints. Normally, with the increase in age, women suffer from various bones and joints of the body. Walking to keep body joints healthy is undoubtedly a very effective exercise.

6. Increases the power of the foot

On the walk, not only does the power of the foot increase, but also the fingers of the toes are exercised. Besides, the waist and other body parts are naturally healthy due to movement.

7. Muscle power increases

Walking alone does not move the legs, but the two legs are equal. It has joints, neck and shoulder exercises in each hand. Backpin problems can be reduced through regular exposure.

8.Vitamin D
In the light of day, especially when practicing walking in the morning, the body becomes rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in very small quantities from everyday food. The University of California researches the effect of vitamin D on the body of 4,443 people with breast cancer. It has been found that people with Vitamin D are adequate to fight with the disease at least twice as much as they have.

Researchers say that Vitamin D activates the communication between other cells. The cancer cells can not spread easily to other cells. It may be a good exercise for walking.

9. Lively body and mind

The nature of the morning is usually soft. At this time the walk is different from the walk. While enjoying the beauty of nature, mind is naturally fussy, body and mind are refreshing. Muscles are relaxed and relieved in the body of oxygen in each joint.

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