Salt satyagraha Indian independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi

On 12 March 1930, the Dandi march or the salt festival started. This Satyagraha was an important part of the Indian independence movement. Salt march A non-violent anti-tax protest movement against British monopoly salt policy in colonial India. Through this movement, the movement of the Civil Disobedience Movement started. After the Non-Cooperation Movement of 1920-2022, Salman Satyagraha was the most important organized anti-British movement. This Satyagraha was started immediately after the Indian National Congress accepted “full swaraj” proposal on 26 January 1930. Mahatma Gandhi started his journey to Amdhabad near his Sabarmati Ashram, and in 24 days, he walked 40 miles (390 kilometers) in 24 days to prepare a salt in the sea water without any water. A large number of Indians came to Dandi with him. At 6:30 am on April 6, 1930, Gandhi broke the salt law and prepared the first salt. At the same time, millions of followers broke the salt law and started a civil disobedience movement in India. [1] As a result of this movement, the British’s attitude changed much in relation to India’s independence. [2] [3]

Source from-wikipedia

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