Earn with articles writing(with 9 website)

Article writing is a work of dislike for many people. Where’s the time? However, it is very true that the article plays an important role in helping freelancing professionals who want to get expedited. Write about how you are experienced in web design, graphics design, and how fast your contact increases. Can not you write, who are not writing, they are not working? Of course, but it is known slowly. How much of your knowledge is written by others in front of others You can catch it and you can easily present yourself in this way. There are many people who like writing too much, want to be established in freelancing by writing and writing. Someone may also earn an article by writing but do not get the appropriate remuneration, because your labor is not giving the right place. There are many websites, in which I am sharing links to several websites, hopefully those who benefit from this, want to earn good income by writing an article. Many times the work is done on other sites, fast payment is not available or quick cash can not be But these sites do not have to face these problems. Those who work in these sites have the same look. Fixed rates of this site are also available. Certainly the text must be accepted. If the website accepts it, then hopefully you will get the payment within the first week of receiving the article.

The  sites that are mentioned are:

1st web designer 

Niche-:design / freelancing / blogging,
Payment Method: Pay-Pal / Moneybookers
This is a popular web design blog where thousands of visitors come every month, so it’s a good blog for freelance writers. You can get 50 to 75 dollars for each article written here.


Pro blog design

Niche-:Design / Programming
Payment Method: PayPal / MoneyBooker
It is another good site to earn an article written. This site offers $ 100 for every article or basic article and $ 125 for a little complex article.

Writers weekly 

Niche-:Money Money Writing
Payment Method: PayPal
This is not a blog, Magazine. If you accept articles by submitting an article on this site, then you can earn up to $ 40 to 60 dollars.

Make a living writing

Niche-:Income by writing
Payment Method: PayPal
If you receive your writing on this site then you will get $ 50 for each writing.